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Name:Kɪᴛᴛʏ Pʀʏᴅᴇ
Birthdate:Jul 14
| Background |

Born in Deerfield, Illinois to Carmen and Theresa Pryde on July 14, 1989. Her childhood was fairly normal: school and dance lessons and trips into Chicago to see her beloved Cubs play. It all changed when she was 13. Her mutation manifested: the ability to phase through almost any solid object or surface. After accidently saving the X-Men from Emma Frost, and then getting her parents to agree on attending Xavier's school, Kitty became the X-Mens' youngest member just before turning 14. It's been a long time since then - she's graduated from college and saved the world with her friends more times than she can count. At the present, she lives in Manhattan and works as a freelance computer specialist.

| Physical |

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 lbs
Build: Athletic

Powers: "Phasing" ability that allows her and objects or people with which she is in contact to become intangible. This power also disrupts any electrical field she passes through, and lets her simulate levitation.

Abilities: Hacking, dancing, martial arts expert, genius level intelligence, pilot, unarmed combat, gymnastics

| Disclaimer|

Katherine Pryde/Shadowcat belongs to Stan Lee, Chris Claremont, and the nice people over at Marvel. She's an amalgam of Earth 616 and cinematic canon. PB is Lyndsy Fonseca. Mun and pup are 21+.

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